Our Daily Schedules

Through this program, with games and activities we teach with love and respect.  By making my Child Care as a Preschool classroom, I teach with the same environments as a Preschool Teacher.

  Welcome/ Breakfast/  Deliver to school/ Indoor Play

  Clean up/ Restroom/ Wash Hands


  Personal Hygiene/ Diapers change 

  Circle Time ( Indoor Class Activities, Art, Crafts, Reading, Computer, Music, etc.)

  Clean up/ Wash hands/ Bathroom.

  Morning Snack.

  Outdoor Activities (Gross motor, Fine motor skills)

  Clean up/ Personal needs/Diapers change 


  Wash their hands/ Brush their teeth/Diapers change.


  Diapers change/ Wash hands/Personal needs/ Snack. 

  Free Play/ Dismissal.

  Wash hands/Diapers/ Dinner/ Free play/ Dismissal.